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Tere Naam: A Cinematic Journey Through Timeless Locations

Tere Naam: A Cinematic Journey Through Timeless Locations

Tere Naam: A Cinematic Journey Through Timeless Locations

Tere Naam, the 2003 romantic tragedy starring Salman Khan, wasn't just a story; it was a visual masterpiece. Beyond the powerful performances, the film's locations themselves were breathtaking. Let's revisit some of these gems and discover a few hidden ones:

City College, Hyderabad:



In the bustling corridors of City College, Hyderabad, we meet Radhe (Salman Khan). The iconic red-bricked building with its arched doorways becomes Radhe’s first encounter with Nirjara (Bhumika Chawla). Since it was founded in 1868, the college exudes a vintage charm that transports you back to the past.


Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad:


Radhe’s unwavering love for Nirjara is symbolized by the majestic Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad. A scene of epic longing is created as he relentlessly searches for her in the sprawling ramparts and intricate carvings of the fort. The fort’s historical significance adds another layer of depth to the scene.


Purana Qila, Delhi:



It is a dramatic showdown within the ancient walls of Purana Qila, Delhi as Radhe confronts his rival. The imposing structure and weathered stones of the fort emphasize the raw emotions on display. Films such as Mughal-e-Azam and Rang De Basanti have been shot here.


Devlali Railway Station, Nashik:




A heart-wrenching climax unfolds at the bustling platform of the Devlali Railway Station in Nashik. The vintage train carriages become a stage for an emotional farewell.


Uncovering hidden gems


In addition to the iconic locations above, Tere Naam also explored some lesser-known gems:


Bal Samandh Lake Palace, Jodhpur: A romantic scene between Radhe and Nirjara  occurred at the Bal Samandh Lake Palace, Jodhpur.


Pragati Maidan, Delhi: This exhibition complex was featured in a scene showing the city’s bustling life.


Scenes from the studio


Filmmakers also used studio magic to create this cinematic world:


Chandivali Studio, Mumbai: This studio complex recreated specific environments for various scenes.


The Content Creator’s Paradise: Beyond the Scenes


The following locations in Tere Naam offer content creators a wealth of opportunities:


City College: Make candid shots of students or recreate iconic scenes from the movie to capture the youthful energy of the college.


Golkonda Fort:  With its grandeur, the Golkonda Fort provides a stunning backdrop for historical reenactments, travel vlogs, or even music videos.


Purana Qila: The historical significance of Purana Qila can be explored through educational content or a timeless, vintage photoshoot.


Devlali Railway Station: This historic station captures the essence of travel and human connection.


Discover more filming locations by following the trail


Here are a few examples of Bollywood films that have used these locations to create their own cinematic magic:


Golkonda Fort: Mughal-e-Azam, Bahubali: The Beginning


Purana Qila: Jodhaa Akbar, Rang De Basanti


Devlali Railway Station: Maine Pyar Kiya, Bajirao Mastani


These locations have not only been a part of Tere Naam’s legacy but have also served as backdrops for numerous other Bollywood films. So, take inspiration from Tere Naam, and embark on your own cinematic journey through these timeless locations!

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