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Advice and answers from the Scene Loc8 Team

Welcome to Scene Loc8, your premier destination for discovering captivating locations to shoot mesmerising reels and create stunning videos and photo shoots. Our platform serves as a comprehensive directory where content creators, filmmakers, photographers, and enthusiasts can explore a diverse array of settings to bring their creative visions to life.

Scene Loc8 simplifies the process of finding captivating locations for creative projects. Users explore a curated collection, use intuitive filters to narrow down options, create their projects at chosen spots, share their work using #createwithsceneloc8, and provide feedback for continual platform improvement.

If you know of a unique location that would be perfect for creative projects, you can submit it to Scene Loc8 for consideration. Simply visit the “Add a Place” section on our website and provide details about the location, including descriptions, features, and photos. Our team will review the submission and, if approved, add the place to our database, expanding our collection for other users to explore.

Scene Loc8 is committed to regularly updating its database with fresh and inspiring locations. New spaces are added on a consistent basis, ensuring that users have access to a diverse selection of settings for their creative endeavors. By continuously expanding our collection, we strive to provide users with endless possibilities for their projects.

Scene Loc8 promotes a supportive and respectful community environment where users can share ideas, collaborate, and inspire one another. Our community guidelines outline expectations for behavior and interaction, emphasizing respect, inclusivity, and constructive communication. By adhering to these guidelines, users contribute to a positive and enriching experience for all members of the Scene Loc8 community.