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Fighter’s Breathtaking Journey: Filming Locations Across India and Italy

Fighter’s Breathtaking Journey: Filming Locations Across India and Italy

Fighter's Breathtaking Journey: Filming Locations Across India and Italy

With a high-octane action film that takes us on an exciting ride in 2024, Fighter showcased some of the most beautiful landscapes in India and Italy.

Assam: The movie’s opening scenes take place at the Tezpur Air Force Station in Assam, where Hrithik Roshan’s character undergoes rigorous training amidst lush green fields and clear blue skies. There is no doubt about Assam’s natural beauty, with trekking, wildlife spotting at Nameri National Park, and historical sites like the Bamuni Hills.


Hyderabad: Fighter takes us to the Dundigal Air Force Academy in Hyderabad, where we witness the protagonist’s formative years. The academy’s strict training regimen is set against Hyderabad’s bustling city life. Ramoji Film City, Hussain Sagar Lake, and Salar Jung Museum are some of the attractions content creators can enjoy in Hyderabad. It was also the location of the films Baahubali and Rang De Basanti.


Jammu and Kashmir: An action-packed scene and a romantic song sequence were set against Pahalgam’s breathtaking valleys and the serene Dal Lake. There are beautiful treks, such as the trek to the Deno Valley, and breathtaking sights here, including Betaab Valley and Sheshnag Lake. Movies like Kashmir ki Kali and Jab Tak Hai Jaan have been filmed here.


Mumbai: Mumbai is India’s financial capital, where fast-paced city sequences were likely filmed. Content creators can capture Mumbai’s energy in bustling markets like Crawford Market, historical monuments like the Gateway of India, or the serene beauty of Marine Drive, where the city’s energy is infectious. Gully Boy and DDLJ are among the Bollywood movies filmed here.


Beyond the Borders: Fighter, scenes were filmed in the charming Sardinian town of Sassari, which is known for its medieval architecture, vibrant festivals, and stunning coastline.


Air Force Academy, Dindigul, Andhra Pradesh, the Air Force Academy provides a realistic training ground setting and a glimpse into the lives of aspiring Air Force pilots.


Pune Air Force Station : The movie also features scenes filmed at the Pune Air Force Station. The Air Force Stations offer a unique opportunity to capture the precision and dedication of the Indian Air Force.


The Paradise of Content Creators:


For content creators, these filming locations are a treasure trove. Fighter’s locations offer a diverse canvas, from capturing the rigorous training routines at the Air Force Academies to showcasing the serene beauty of Assam and Kashmir or the vibrant energy of Mumbai and Hyderabad.


Consider the following ideas as well:


Learn about each location’s rich history and culture.


Local Food Adventures: Embark on a culinary journey with your viewers, savoring the regional delicacies.


Travel vlogs: You can share your travel experiences through vlogs and encourage viewers to visit these beautiful places.


Aside from setting the stage for an action-packed story, Fighter‘s locations showcase the captivating beauty of India and Italy.


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