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Bombay Velvet: A Lush Trip Through Mumbai’s Forgotten Era

Bombay Velvet: A Lush Trip Through Mumbai’s Forgotten Era

Bombay Velvet: A Lush Trip Through Mumbai's Forgotten Era

"Bombay Velvet" (2015) is more than just a love story set against a backdrop of ambition in Anurag Kashyap's work. While the narrative unfolds in this fictionalized past, its filming locations offer a captivating blend of reality and meticulously crafted sets. This visual feast transports viewers to a meticulously reimagined 1960s Bombay. readers, get ready to explore the "Bombay Velvet" world and its locations! 


Sri Lanka’s Metamorphosis: The Ranmihitenna Mahinda Rajapaksa National Tele Cinema Park


While the lively streets of Mumbai may be the setting for “Bombay Velvet,” the heart of the film beats in Sri Lanka, the Ranmihitenna Mahinda Rajapaksa National Tele Cinema Park in Hambantota served as the main backdrop, undergoing a stunning transformation into a meticulously crafted set that captured the essence of 1960s Bombay. Immerse yourself in towering art deco facades, bustling markets brimming with energy, and vibrant jazz clubs filled with smoke and music. Through their intricate production design, the filmmakers bring to life a past era, transporting viewers to a Bombay that lives on only in memories and on screen.


Mumbai Filming: A Touch of Authenticity


Though Sri Lanka served as the primary location for “Bombay Velvet,” the film also incorporated natural scenes from Mumbai to enhance its authenticity. The bustling street markets, brimming with lively vendors and overflowing stalls, provide glimpses into the city’s vibrant culture. Iconic landmarks such as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus) and the striking art deco architecture of Eros Cinema serve as backdrops for pivotal moments in the characters’ journeys. These real-life settings bridge the gap between the fantastical world of the film and the bustling city that inspired it.

Beyond the Sets: Sri Lanka’s Untapped Beauty



The filmmakers explored outside the purpose-built set in Sri Lanka to capture the country’s diverse and stunning scenery. The serene beaches of Pasikudah provided a peaceful setting for some scenes, creating a beautiful contrast to the bustling cityscapes. Picture turquoise waters gently touching the shore, swaying palm trees, and the romantic light of the setting sun enveloping the characters in a tranquil oasis. In contrast, Galle’s preserved Dutch colonial buildings and cobblestone streets offered a glimpse into a bygone era. These distinct locations showcase Sri Lanka’s multifaceted beauty and add dimension to the film’s visual landscape.


Take note, content creators!


For aspiring filmmakers and content creators, “Bombay Velvet” offers valuable inspiration:


Embrace the Power of Sets: If you have ample space, think creatively and explore ways to recreate a specific era or location for your project.


Seek Out Vintage Vibes: Look for hidden gems in your own city. With a bit of imagination, vintage cafes, historical buildings, or even abandoned spaces can be transformed into captivating filming locations.


Think Beyond Borders: Consider filming locations outside your immediate area. You might find hidden gems like Sri Lanka, which offers diverse landscapes and a unique cinematic history.


Blend Reality and Fantasy: Combine real-life locations with creative sets to create a familiar and fantastical world.


Bonus Inspiration: The diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka have attracted filmmakers for decades, including “Bridge on the River Kwai” and “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader“.


Let “Bombay Velvet” inspire you to explore the power of location in storytelling – remember, the world is your canvas!


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